Best lightweight iOS Emulator 2019 (Updated)

Emulators have been around for a long time and nowadays, ios emulator for pc are in a lot of trend. The best thing about trying and downloading any of the lightweight ios emulator for pc is that they are free to download (mostly) and are actually too helpful when you want to have an access of all your iOS apps on your PC for free. 

Now as we have already mentioned lightweight android emulators for pc, it's time for us to discuss a whole new topic - the best lightweight ios emulator

When it comes to choosing an emulator, there are a lot of options available for you beforehand because of the abundance of these emulators available on the internet. However, choosing the best is kind of hard when you are unknown to the features of these emulators. As such, we are here to help you with your next choice.

In this post of ours, we have compiled a list of the best ios emulators for pc which would help you in sorting out the best emulator for yourself. But before we start mentioning the emulators, let's give you a head start.

Why use an iOS emulator for PC?

The basic purpose of an emulator is to run the iOS apps on your PC. Now it doesn't matter what kind of PC you have, but if you want, you can easily run any of the apps without having to pay anything.

Talking about the need of using an ios emulator, there are a lot of times when people aren't comfortable in running the ios apps on their smartphones because of either the low performance, processors, screen size or lack of storage in their devices.

As such, you are left with one option - using your PC. You can easily run any of the apps from your iPhone or iPad on your PC with the help of Emulators. And probably this is the main reason why people choose an emulator rather than storing apps in their devices.

So, if you are already convinced over running of ios apps in your PC, here is our list of best ios emulator for pc 2019 which you might want to check out.

1. Smartface

The Smartface is an exclusive app for developers which houses some of the most powerful features which tests your app. It caters for professional App developers and makes it easy to develop for ios and Android on Windows. It is free to download and allows you to use a variety of apps on your PCs without any kind of issues.

2. iPadian

iPadian is an amazing emulator for pc which comes with a unique, iPad like interface which also allows you access to a variety of apps that you can use without any kind of payment. It may not be a complete emulator for PC, but features a lot of necessary apps which you want along with ability to install a lot more apps which you want to.

3. iMame

This emulator is quite focused towards allowing the users to run the games and different applications on your PC and could easily be used on your systems without any kind of app testing. The basic purpose of iMame is to work as a basic ios emulator for pc and allow you to run the ios apps on your PC. It could work easily on any kind of computer and also works fine, and is free to download.

4. MobiOne Studios

The MobiOne studios is a discontinued product, but surprisingly enough, it still is in function and is one of the most relevant ios emulators which you can download on your computer systems. This emulator is also quite amazing when it comes to develop cross-platform applications to run the apps on Android or iPhone. It is also quite fast and works well on any kind of PC.

5. Air iPhone

If you are familiar with Adobe Air Framework, then this emulator is for you. It creates a visual screen on your PC which resembles the screen on an iPhone and works exactly the way an iPhone works. It is an amazing app which is free to download on your Windows PC. It has a simple resolution and runs freely on Adobe Air. 
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