How to dm on Instagram on PC

Instagram is one of the best social networking apps which is available for Android, iOS, Windows or any kind of platform you want to use it on. You can easily dm on Instagram on PC and if you wish, you can easily instagram chat on pc without any customization. You might have always wondered about how you can send a dm on instagram on pc because if your use Instagram on PC, it doesn't have the option to send dm's (Direct Messages) to each other.

Instagram has a lot of complication if you use Instagram on your PC's as it won't even allow you to upload pictures from your computers and not only that, but you can't even send messages on Instagram on your PC's. So, in this case if you are a regular user of your PC and find it really convenient to use everything from your PC, then you would definitely need an alternative for this. 

There is manual customization which allows you to send pics or videos to your followers but you can't upload them, and at the same time, you can customize your stories, but not more than that. You are bound by a lot of things in Instagram in this case and so, you need a full time alternative for this. 

So, if you want a full time solution to send messages on instagram on pc, let us tell you what to do in order to be able to dm on instagram.

There are two methods which we have provided for you to be able to dm on instagram on pc. Let us tell you what to do:

Method #1: Install Instagram app for Windows 10

This method is the best if you want a full instagram app on your Windows PC. If you want, you can download the full Instagram app on your PC which works really well and exactly the same way as it works on your phones. You can easily download the Instagram app from Windows app store and start using the Instagram app without any kind of issues. Along with that, you get to enjoy many other features, like the stories option, uploading pictures and also sending and exchanging messages and sending DM's to your followers etc. This is the best option which you can go for and enjoy. If you want to download the Instagram app for Windows 10, you can get the download link from below.

Download Instagram for Windows 10 from here.

Method #2: Use Android Emulators

This is another method which you can use. If you want to run any kind of apps on your computer running on Windows or Mac, then you need an Android emulator for sure as it allows you to run any kind of Android apps on your computers for free. You can download the Bluestacks android emulator which is one of the best and most popular Android emulators which you can go for and enjoy all your favorite apps from. The best thing is that you can install it and after that install Instagram on your PC and then use Instagram the same way as you use on your Android devices and also DM from person to person and even upload your favorite pictures for free.

Go ahead and give it a shot. 
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