Free Spotify Premium Account 2018 (100% working)

Free Spotify Premium Account: Spotify is one of the best music apps available on the internet to listen international music, for free as well as for a subscription plan, like free movies or videos on internet. If you are looking for the free spotify premium accounts 2018, then you are at the right place as we have compiled a list of all the best methods to get spotify premium for free. You can try these methods over for free and without any kind of price.

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Spotify is the equal competitor of Apple Music and both are trying to overtake each other and both offer you access to unlimited music, however it depends on which app you use. However, there is something which Spotify offers, and that is free access. Even though Spotify offers you free access, still it has very limited options and at some point of time, it actually becomes logical to purchase the monthly subscription of Spotify. 

On Apple Music, you have to subscribe to an advanced rental plan and that is really affordable, but it really doesn't give you a free access like Spotify. However, let us tell you how to get Spotify premium account for free.

Features of Spotify Premium:

  • The Spotify Premium allows you to skip as many tracks as you want without even stopping. In the free mode, you can just skip 6 tracks an hour.
  • Spotify Premium gives you the access to millions of songs first before any other music app.
  • You can listen and download all the songs which you want.
  • You can stream and download your favorite songs at the same time.
  • There are absolutely no ads after you get Spotify Premium. 
  • You can HD+ streaming quality in Spotify Premium.

Spotify Subscription Types:

Spotify gives you an access to millions of songs and you can choose which type of plan you want to opt for. You can choose as per your will and as per your budget in Spotify Premium and let us tell you which plans you can choose:

Spotify Free

The Spotify Free is the basic Spotify account which every non-premium user can get and even though the features are limited, but you can still enjoy using it. Just enjoy this basic service if you don't want to pay every month for Spotify premium access.

Spotify Premium

This is the best Spotify type which allows you to enjoy all the features which Spotify actually has and gives you HD access. You can see the features above.

Spotify Family

This is same as Spotify Premium but here you can download songs in offline and share accounts over multiple devices for free.

How to get Free Spotify Premium Accounts?

Method #1: Free Spotify Premium Account List

Just go to the official page of Spotify and there, just enter any of the following email and passwords and you would be able to enjoy Spotify Premium as these are all Spotify Premium accounts. Password-selena87  Password-kedar1##  Password-kedar  Password-kedar1##  Password-techwebsites1

Method #2: Get Spotify Premium APK

You can just go ahead and download Spotify Premium apk and install it in your devices to enjoy Spotify Premium. All you need to do is to remove any kind of antivirus from your phone and then download the Spotify Premium APK and then start using it like any other normal app in your devices. Go ahead and try it out for sure.

Method #3: Get Spotify Premium by Subscription Codes

Just go to the sign up process of the Spotify official website and enter the subscription codes (any one of the codes given below).







If Spotify doesn't support your country, just turn on the VPN in your computer/phone and keep the location to United States and refresh the page. The site would work fine after that.

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