Google GO apk 2017 latest version download

Google Go is one of the best apps for you to download and yet, if you are looking for something which just makes your device even light than what it is, then Google GO is for you. If you are looking to download Google GO, then the first thing which you are going to do is to know what it is all about. 

First of all, the thing which makes it possible for us to use our devices is Google itself on which our Android devices are based and well, everything in our life has been eased by Google itself. So, if you have an Android device, you definitely need to have Google app around. However, the worst thing that most of the users face is that Google app itself takes up a lot of space on your devices, which makes it even harder for you to operate your devices properly as the slow end devices face many lagging issues.

So, to reduce all the lagging issues and to simplify your browsing experience, Google itself has launched a lite version of the Google app which is known as the Google GO app which you can easily download and start using right away. 

Talking about this app, it hardly is 5 mb in size which is perfect for devices with RAM of 1GB. So, talking about the features, well you are going to love them as this app equally has some of the best features and shortcuts for you like the Google app itself, like YouTube, Facebook, Cricbuzz, Maps, GIFs and what not?


Here is the download link of Google GO APK---- DOWNLOAD FROM HERE.

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