Best Horror Movies on Netflix to watch on Halloween

Halloween is that time of the year when you are looking for them chills in your spine and trying to make others more scared than you actually are. You can do a lot of crazy things but you cannot know the real fear on this Halloween until you haven't seen the fear yourself. And for you, as a kick start, we have the best collection of horror movies on Netflix to watch on Halloween. You can possibly be a lot scared and well, that's is what you really want to do, right, look for a challenge?

So, if you are truly willing to take yourself for a challenge without getting carried away, we have the best list of movies for you to watch as here is the list of top horror movies on Netflix 2017.

If you are ready, let us begin:

1. The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook is one of the best horror movies out there for you to watch and lay your scared eyes on. This is a mysterious movie which you are going to love to watch and love having chills from. This movie might seem less scary from the poster, but trust us, you are going to love it. The story part played by Essie Davis is the best and surely, you are going to fall in love with the movie which apparently is a treat for you to watch on Halloween.

2. Helraiser

If you are not scared of them 'really really bad nightmares', then this movie is for you. You might start judging the movie from the poster, but if you have the guts in you, watch this movie! This movie portrays a disturbing image with a sexual undertone which might be quite bad to watch for some of the viewers. You would love this movie and well, to be honest, you would love them chills too.

3. The Nightmare

It is a narrative horror movie which is known and renowned for scaring a large number of audience. The sleep paralysis in this movie is portrayed in such a horror way, which would actually make you fear your existence. The most horror thing in this movie are the things which happen inside the minds of people.

4. It Follows

Things might seem sexual out there in this movie, but apparently, you are going to get chills right from the start of this movie. If you are a horror movie lover, here is the perfect piece for you. The focus is made on a girl who transforms into a sexually transmitted monster and the only aim she has, is to follow her victim and do it till she executes them.

5. The Host (2006)

For the mixed creations of  a single tale, this movie is going to be perfect for you in every case. It is a great sum up of horror, sci-fi, action and yeah, a big monster, who is sure to give you out some chills. Be ready, for this movie and go ahead and watch and love it.
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