How to Install Google Assistant on Moto E3 Power

The Moto E3 Power has been one of the most emerging devices in the 2017 and is continuing to do so. If you would like to go for a premium device which not only is in your budget, but also provides you with the features that you can only dream of in other devices, then the Redmi Note 4 is going to be one such devices for you to buy and try.

And another thing that most of the people want to know is how to install Google Assistant on the Moto E3 Power or how to enable Google Assistant on Moto E3 Power. As many of you might be knowing that Google Assistant runs on Android Marshmallow or higher Android versions and since the Moto E3 Power already is running on the Android Marshmallow 6.0, it is pretty obvious that Google Assistant would run on the Moto E3 Power.

So let us tell you the full procedure of How to Install Google Assistant on the Moto E3 Power and give you step by step detail:

1. Firstly, you need to download the latest versions of the two essential apps in your Moto E3 Power devices - the Google App and the Google Play Services. You can just update them to the latest versions by heading to the Google Play Store and updating the said apps.

2. Now after you have installed the apps, head over to Settings of your Moto E3 Power devices.

3. In the Settings menu, head over to Language and Input and change the default language to English (United States) as Google Assistant is only and officially available in English only.

4. Now reboot your devices and set up Google to enjoy the Google Assistant easily.

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